New Appreciation for Yoga

Tonight I went to a 90 minute warm Yin Yoga class. It was the first time in a while I did something just for me and boy was it amazing! I use to think yoga was boring and had a hard time making it through a class. I hated Savasana the most and would pick at my mat and count the seconds until it was over. This class was a whole new experience for me.

I left Chris to put Hudson to bed, put some citrus oil in my water, grabbed my yoga mat and headed out the door. The studio close by is awesome. Large windows overlooking the village square, tea bar, beautiful facilities, and amazing staff. I signed in and went to find a nice spot near the window. Yin yoga is slower paced and is meant for the joints as opposed to the muscles. Poses are held for several minutes. This is normally the type of class I would avoid like the plague! Slow moving, meditation, stillness… no thanks! However after having Hudson I have begun to appreciate these things. I enjoyed every second of quiet and stillness in the class. I walked out feeling refreshed! This is definitely something I am going to continue doing. The time to focus on me and how my body is doing is so important and often forgotten about during the day.

I’m excited to do some reading on essential oils and yoga practice. If you have any good resources please send them my way! Today I just put lemon in my water and some balance and wild orange on my temples and the back of my neck (to feel grounded and energized).

Yay for yoga! 🙂

My Sister and I in Parksville, BC a few years ago

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