Sunday at the Vancouver Healthy Family Expo 

Hudson and I went to check out the Healthy Family Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre today! This was one of the better expo events I’ve been to! We went home with tons of free samples and entered many contests! Some of our familiar favourites were there like Boomers & Echos and Yaya Baby. There were also tons of new products to explore! I loved Wee Woollies, Jady Babys and MyMayu. We spent some time wandering around the booths with my friend Tara and her adorable 5 month old Bennett. That lasted for an hour or so before Hudson started to fuss. He has recently started needing solids at lunch as well and I am not in the habit of packing things with me. Thank god for Love Child Organics! They gave me two pouches which made for a very happy Hudson! I may need to stock up on those for on the go meals! He LOVES them!

We made it home later that afternoon and Hudson helped me go through our loot bag! Tons of great info, samples and coupons!

Then for a nap and a rainy family walk! Hope everyone had a great Sunday 🙂

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