Making the cloth diaper switch… we did it and LOVE it!

Diaper stash2
My Cloth Diaper Stash!

I’m going to give you the ins and outs of our switch to cloth diapers. It wasn’t hard by any means, but definitely took some educating and a little trial and error. Here we go…

Hudson in a size 1 Apple Cheeks

First of all I had no idea this world of cloth diapering existed! There are a million different styles, brands, sizes, insert types, washing methods and of course opinions (as with everything else in the world of motherhood). I started researching online, asking moms who use cloth and visiting stores to see what I wanted to purchase. All in all I was completely OVERWHELMED and needed help.

I knew I wanted to switch because I hated putting plastic on my son’s bum everyday, my partner (Chris) hated the diaper genie with a passion and of course we could save tons of money (and even more with baby #2 eventually).

So, I messaged Janelle from Yaya Baby and asked when she was next in the shop and could fill me in. Let me just say, I could not have made this switch as seamlessly without her! She took me into her home and showed me exactly how to get the proper fit to avoid leaks, blowouts and keep baby comfy. Janelle is a wealth of knowledge on cloth diapering! She has tried and continues to try tons of different brands and so I trusted her with her choice of Apple Cheeks. I must admit they are now also my favourite!

Here is what we are currently using:

Apple Cheeks – covers, micro terry inserts and bamboo prefolds


  • love the covers! Hudson is 10 months and 20.5 lbs. We wear size 1 during the day because they fit him snug and never leak! I double stuff my size 2’s and use them for bedtime and naps when he needs a little more absorbency.
  • The prefer the bamboo prefolds. They are much more absorbent… but also have a much higher price tag. Chris likes the micro terry because they are super simple. They are also much cheaper.
  • LOVE the colours and patterns! Although BE CAREFUL… this can become an obsession!

AMP – covers


  • I have 3 AMP one size covers. They also fit great and are super cute. I can’t imagine putting one of these on a newborn, but I won’t have to worry about that for a while. Right now they fit Hudson perfectly!

g Diapers – covers


  • I picked these up second hand in like new condition because Chris requested some velcro covers and a friend had told me she loved hers. I use them with an Apple Cheeks micro terry insert and they work great. I must admit they are easier to put on a squirming baby, but you have to be so careful with velcro in the wash! All in all I don’t mind them and daddy is happy to diaper again, so I can’t complain too much!

At this point we are getting through about 3 days with 24 diapers, but I do laundry every second day to stay on top of it.

We are so happy with our decision to switch and here’s why:

  • It’s so easy! Cloth diapers are so far beyond folding and safety pins. Anyone can do it… seriously! Even Chris is managing!
  • You’re putting natural fibers next to your baby’s bum and you get to control how they are washed. bye bye chemical filled disposables!
  • Less waste! I can’t tell you how happy I was to get rid of the dreaded diaper genie (worst invention ever!).
  • It takes me less time to wash cloth than it did to buy disposables and deal with all of the garbage!
  • THEY ARE SO CUTE! I love this hot weather because hangs out in diaper only most of the time and his little fluffy bum is adorable! It also provides some cushioning for all the tumbles he takes these days!
  • It also so easy on the go! No, really… it is! I was surprised too! We even used cloth camping a couple of times.
    Apple Cheeks look way to cute on a campsite clothes line!

    Washing diapers and baby wearing while camping on Vancouver Island

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